A New Old Poster...

posteris being offered to UCHS members and the public which features the "Architectural Treasures" of University City in a mosaic of details captured in color photographs by artist/member Sylvia Barkan for the October 10, 1971 edition of Discover, the rotogravure magazine of the Philadelphia Bulletin. Sylvia had long been planning to "redo" this assemblage until persuaded that the cover was already a beautiful representation of many of the architectural details of the area (most still with us) and the inscription, "in a West Philadelphia neighborhood, young families find the joy of city life amid architectural treasures" seemed as telling then as now. So rather than messing with an already great thing, we have reproduced it in an archival ink jet reproduction and offer it to members for $20 (non-members pay $30) or in a special metal and glass frame for $80 (or $100 for non-members).

Framed examples can be seen in the UCHS Board meeting room at the Calvary Center for Culture and Community and at the University City District, 3940 Chestnut Street.

To order, send your checks to UCHS (P.O. Box 31927, Philadelphia PA 19104) marked "Architectural Treasures posters" in the amounts above. Orders will need to be hand delivered or with special provisions made for getting these items to their new owners. If you live in the area, that means arranging for personal delivery or pick up. If you live elsewhere, we can include the costs of special mailing.