University City Row Houses. Photo by Joseph Minardi © 2010.



January 2017

  • Celebrate our 50th! 2017 marks the 50th Anniversary of the University City Historical Society. Send us your photos! If you have old photos of the neighborhood you’d like to share, please send them to or shared online at Facebook and Instagram. Credit will be given for any photos published in the newsletter.
  • New Board Members. UCHS welcomes three new members to our Board of Governors: Heather Calvert, Amy Lambert, Jennifer Loustau.
  • Preservation Updates. The Philadelphia Historical Commission met on December 14th to recommend properties for historic designation, several of which are in West Philadelphia.
  • Flashback to the 1960s. Locust Street before it was Locust Walk.
  • University City Then & Now: Latvian Evangelical Church, 47th and Cedar Avenue (c. 1910 & 2010). Now known as the Greater Enon Baptist Church, this century–old house of worship was formerly known as the Latvian Evangelical Church.
  • Profiles in Architecture: J. Elvin Jackson (fl. 1878–1920), examples of his work appear all over Philadelphia, primarily with residential designs in South, West and Southwest Philadelphia.
  • Window Talk, a Glossary: "Cames" to "Eyebrow Dormer."


November 2016

  • UCHS 50th Anniversary (1967–2017) Next year will be the 50th Anniversary of the University City Historical Society. We are planning events throughout the year, celebrating each year of our existence.
  • The Gables B&B Sold: The 1889 Willis Hale-designed mansion at 4520 Chester Ave has been sold to a single-family, allaying fears about a new owner demolishing it or altering its distinctively Victorian character.
  • 2017 Gift to the Street Awards: Send in your nominations for UCHS's annual awards: Gift to the Street, Outstanding Preservation, and Preservation Initiative Award. Nominations will be accepted until January 20, 2017.
  • Annual Valentine Tea will be held on Sunday, February 12, 2017 from 4 to 6 PMat the Castle, 930 South 48th Street.
  • University City Then & Now: 5000 block of Cedar Ave, North side (c. 1898 & 2010). Built in 1897 by by John G. Ichall, some houses feature an interesting bell roof over a two-story turret.
  • Profiles in Architecture: James Fernald (1895–1929), selected relevant commissions (continued from previous issue).
  • Ask the Experts: Spackle your troubles away.
  • Window Talk, a Glossary: "Apron" to "Cameo Window."

September 2016

  • Meeting Wrap Up: State of Preservation in West Philadelphia A large gathering of concerned citizens convened on August 24 for a presentation about historic preservation issues facing the neighborhood.
  • Oral History Project: UCHS announces a new project to record stories about changes in the neighborhood since UCHS began its work almost 50 years ago.
  • Preservation Update for 4046–4056 Chesnut: UCHS has nominated six twin houses on the south side of the 4000 block of Chestnut Street for historic designation.
  • Sylvia Barkan Fund for Historic Preservation: A fund has been established for expenses related to efforts in defense of historic structures in University City.
  • University City Then & Now: East side of 48th Street, north of Baltimore (c. 1907 & 2010). Living in these Victorian and Colonial Revival twins near the Baltimore Avenue trolley line was a great convenience for the growing Streetcar Suburb of West Philadelphia.
  • Profiles in Architecture: James Fernald (1895–1929), designed residences throughout Philadelphia during the boom years of development (continued from previous issue).
  • Ask the Experts: Replacing a Broken Ceramic Roof Tile.
  • Carpets & Rugs, a Glossary: "Navajo Rug" to "Worsted."

August 2016

  • Call to Action: UCHS asks friends and neighbors for community-wide collaboration in defense against arbitrary demolitions of historic structures.
  • Preservation Update for 4046–4056 Chesnut: UCHS has nominated six twin houses on the south side of the 4000 block of Chestnut Street for historic designation.
  • Sylvia Barkan Fund for Historic Preservation: A fund has been established for expenses related to efforts in defense of historic structures in University City.
  • 2016 House Tour Wrap Up: UCHS thanks homeowners who opened up their homes on May 21 for the spring house tour featuring the fabulous homes of Powelton Village.
  • University City Then & Now: 318–336 S. 42nd Street (c. 1887 & 2010). The "Kimball Block" is noteworthy as an early example of the Queen Anne style in Philadelphia.
  • Profiles in Architecture: James Fernald (1895–1929), designed residences throughout Philadelphia during the boom years of development.
  • Ask the Experts: Ventilating a Crawl Space
  • Carpets & Rugs, a Glossary: "Crumbcloth" to "Matting."

May 2016

  • News from Around U-City: Two stunning historic homes for sale plus a demolition.
  • Ask the Experts: Hanging a Chandelier
  • Profiles in Architecture: W. Frisby Smith, active as an architect in Philadelphia for nearly four decades.
  • University City Then & Now: 42nd & Spruce Streets (c. 1901 & 2010). On the SW corner is a single home ("an attractive combination of English Gothic and Queen Anne") that once belonged to financier and clubman Clarance Howard Clark, Jr.
  • Did You Know? Early in his career, prominent architect Horace Trumbauer designed sixteen houses on the 4800 block of Windsor Avenue and four more on the SE side of 19th Street.
  • Carpets & Rugs: A glossary.

March 2016

  • 2016 Preservation Awards Winners: Complete list of Preservation Awards Winners, featuring behind-the-restoration stories.
  • Ask the Experts: What kind of paint should I put on my radiator?
  • Profiles in Architecture: E. Allen Wilson, the principle architect of the western expansion of Philadelphia (active c. 1895–1936). His work spans from generic row homes to expressive apartment buildings (read more about Wilson and his role in the development of the Haddington Historic District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1988).
  • University City Then & Now: Springfield Avenue, West of 48th (c. 1910 & 2010). Houses were built in 1890 & 1892 by Albert and Charles Budd in the Queen Anne style.
  • Did You Know? There are three sculptures of Benajmin Franklin on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania (youthful, more mature, and elderly).

January 2016

  • 2016 Contractors Guide
  • Valentine Tea & Awards Presentation: The 2016 UCHS Valentine Tea will be held Sunday, February 21st at the Castle, 930 S. 48th (48th and Springfield). This event is free to all UCHS members and their guests.
  • Ask the Experts: Should I paint my wooden porch columns?
  • Profiles in Architecture: E. Allen Wilson was primarily a residential architect beginning in 1895. His work spans from generic row homes to expressive apartment buildings.
  • University City Then & Now: 48th Street, West of Warrington (c. 1909 & 2010). Twin homes in the Queen Anne style were built in June 1894 and retain many original features.
  • Did You Know? West Philadelphia was incorporated as a borough in Blockley Township in 1844, and as a district in 1851.


November 2015

  • Historic Districts and Commissions. An overview of historic districts and commissions, describing their purposes and functions for preserving historic architecture.
  • Ask the Experts: What is the best way to care for an old-fashioned cornice?
  • Profiles in Architecture: Robert K. Marple began his architectural career in 1887 working in the office of Willis G. Hale. His work can be found throughout the city, mostly in North and West Philadelphia.
  • University City Then & Now: The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut (c. 1915 & 2010). The First Church of Christian Scientists, a Romanesque Revival church designed by Carrere & Hastings, is reminiscent of early Italian Christian churches. Today it is used as an arts and cultural center.
  • Did You Know? Maps and atlases from the 1840s to c. 1910 reveal an overall but uneven development of West Philadelphia as a dense residential area, as a suburb in the city.

September 2015

  • Documentary Film-screening: September 11th at 7:00 pm there will be a screening of the documentary film, The Tiberinos: The Art of Life, at the Scribe Video Center, 4212 Chestnut Street, Third Floor.
  • Historic Nominations Scheduled for Review: September 16, the nominations of 3600-3630 Lancaster Avenue and 4300-02 Osage Ave/4304-06 Osage Ave to the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places will be considered by the Historic Commission’s Committee on Historic Designation.
  • Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll: September 17 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm, the Dollar Stroll returns.
  • UCHS Walking Tour 2015: Architecture & Its People: Saturday, October 10 at 10:30 am, 40th & Spruce, professional tour guide and UCHS Board member, Mark N. Silber, will lead a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the people from University City’s past and its amazingly diverse architecture.
  • Sad Farewell to 40th & Pine: The Samuel Sloan-attributed Italianate mansion at 40th & Pine was demolished the week of August 23, 2015.
  • Ask the Experts: We need to replace our old, drafty windows. What would you recommend?
  • Profiles in Architecture: Henry Flower began his career as an architect in 1895. He went on to become one of Philadelphia’s most prolific architects in late-1890s and 1900s, with many commissions for brewer and real estate developer Frederick A. Poth.
  • University City Then & Now: The Ivan Apartments, 47th Street and Baltimore Avenue (1910 & 2010). As West Philadelphia became more populated in the early 1900s, multiple-housing options such as flat houses, tenements and apartment buildings became more in vogue.
  • Did You Know? On July 2, 1858, the West Philadelphia Passenger Railroad opened for business after the completion of the laying of tracks from Third Street along Market across the Permanent Bridge to Forty-first in West Philadelphia.
  • Glossary of Terms for Homeowners: "Venetian Blind" to "Wood Carpeting".

Summer 2015

  • 3600 Lancaster Ave (Lancaster Mews): Update about demolition status.
  • 4224 Baltimore Ave Design Approved
  • UCHS Summer Intern: will identify and research endangered properties for historic nomination.
  • Conservation Overlays or Historic Districts: Which one to use?
  • St. Francis de Sales: its Guastavino tile dome.
  • Profiles in Architecture: James C. Fernald, began his architectural career in 1886.
  • University City Then & Now: St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, 50th Street and Baltimore Avenue (1907 & 2010).
  • Did You Know? In the mid-1890s the advent of electric streetcars, commonly called trolleys, heralded a new era in West Philadelphia.
  • Glossary of Terms for Homeowners: "Three-ply" to "Velvet" (sometimes called "tapestry Wilton").

April – May 2015

  • 4224 Baltimore Ave Update: 4224 Baltimore Ave proposal will be reviewed by the City's Civic Design Committee.
  • Profiles in Architecture: Robert K. Marple, worked primarily on residences in the Cedar Park neighborhood (1887 – 1901).
  • University City Then & Now: 48th Street & Baltimore Ave (1909 & 2010). The intersection of 48th and Warrington is dominated by the Castle Apartments, built in 1904.
  • Did You Know? The University of Pennsylvania’s President’s House (3812 Walnut Street) was originally the house of Otto Eisenlohr, 1910–1911, esigned by Horace Trumbauer
  • Ask the Experts: Restoring Marble Fireplaces | Addendum.
  • Glossary of Terms for Homeowners (“Lincrusta-Walton” to “Tertiary Colors”).

February – March 2015

  • Annual Preservation Awards Presented at Valentine Tea.
  • Profiles in Architecture: Robert A. Pitts (1889–1936), a lesser-known, but still important architect who shaped University City during the late nineteenth century.
  • University City Then & Now: Locust Street Theater, 224 South 52nd Street (1920 & 2010). Originally known as the Locust Theater, the Bushfire Theater on the corner of 52nd and Locust, built in 1914 and still operates as a theater.
  • Did You Know? Construction on the Men’s Dormitories at Penn (the “Quad”) began on July 18, 1895 for an estimated $530,000. Horace E. McPherson (1862–1899) was the contractor, Cope & Stewardson were the architects.
  • Ask the Experts: Restoring Marble Fireplaces.
  • Glossary of Terms for Homeowners (“Filling” to “Leno”).

January 2015

  • Save the date! UCHS will present the 2015 preservation awards on Sunday, February 22, 2015 (a week later than previously announced) from 4 to 6 PM at the Castle, 930 South 48th (built c. 1900, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985).
  • UCHS Mission Statement Revision Vote to be Held at Valentine Tea
  • Profiles in Architecture: Charles Klauder (1872–1938) born in Philadelphia, the son of a German furniture manufacturer, Klauder began his career as an architect in the office of Theophilus P. Chandler (1848–1928).
  • University City Then & Now: Chester Ave., west of 45th St. (1907 & 2010). The twin homes are of the Queen Anne-Colonial Revival motif by Robert K. Marple and were begun on April 17, 1895.
  • Did You Know? The city of Philadelphia has two Springfield Avenues; one in University City and the other in Chestnut Hill, both lined with fine Victorian-era homes.
  • Glossary of Terms for Homeowners (“Dado” to “Field”).


November–December 2014

  • Save the date! UCHS will present the 2015 preservation awards on Sunday, February 15th, 2015 from 4:00 to 6:00 at the Castle, 930 South 48th (48th and Springfield).
  • Ask the Experts: Identifying Old Wallpapers. How can I determine the age of an old piece of wallpaper?
  • Did You Know? The relocation of the University of Pennsylvania to the area after the Civil War was a key development.
  • Profiles in Architecture: Angus Wade (1865–1932) came to Philadelphia in 1883 to work in the office Willis G. Hale, where he gained valuable experience and picked up on Hale's flamboyant style of Victorian Eclecticism.
  • University City Then & Now: Christ Community Church, 4017 Chestnut Street (1903 & 2010).
  • Glossary of Terms for Homeowners (“Architectural Papers” to “Cove”).

September–October 2014

  • UCHS Board Officers Announced. UCHS is pleased to announce its newly elected officers to two-year terms of service.
  • 4224 Baltimore Avenue Update UCHS petitions Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell in support of the community-approved plan for a more neighborhood-friendly development.
  • Ask the Experts: We all may have experienced a perennially slow-draining sink in a 19th or 20th century home in West Philadelphia. BEFORE it becomes a disaster again, go for this home remedy using only white vinegar and baking soda (see newsletter for directions).
  • Did You Know? The Market Street Bridge officially opened on January 1, 1805. Previously, the only passage across the Schuylkill at Market Street was over an insecure and hazardous pontoon bridge.
  • Profiles in Architecture: John L. Coneys (fl. 1903–1930) made major contribution to the development of University City with the Garden Court Apartments and a number of residences for developer Clarence R. Siegel in the Garden Court neighborhood.
  • University City Then & Now: The Potts Residence, 3905 Pine (1918 & 2010).

July–August 2014

  • UCHS Board Nominees Announced. The Nominating Committee of UCHS is pleased to announce the nominees for the term beginning in September, 2014. A ballot has been sent to all UCHS members, due back to UCHS by August 31, 2014.
  • Nominees sought for annual UCHS Preservation Awards.
  • Final Days for St. Peter’s Church? A stay of demolition was granted recently, but only if key stakeholders can prove that the title to the property is free and clear and new buyers can prove that it is structurally sound.
  • Did You Know? St. Mary’s Church on Locust Walk is all that remains of Hamilton Village, which is described as the first modern suburb of Philadelphia because residents commuted daily over then-new Market Street bridge.
  • University City Then & Now: The Sedgley Apartments, 45th and Pine (1909 & 2014).
  • Featured Historic House: The Gables Bed & Breakfast, corner of 46th and Chester built in 1889.
  • Profiles in Architecture: Theophilus Parsons Chandler, Jr. (1848–1928), largely responsible for the creation of the Department of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania in 1890; despite great achievements and influence in the field of architecture, he is little-known today.
  • Event Wrap-up's: Spruce Hill Fair, May 10; UCHS House Tour, June 1; Baltimore Ave Dollar Stroll, June 19.

May–June 2014

  • UCHS House Tour | Sunday, June 1, 2014 from 1 to 5 PM
  • The Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll | Thursday, June 19, 2014
  • Ask the Experts: Tips for planning to paint a University City house; picking the best contractor to do the job right; complying with recent Federal laws for best practices in preventing lead contamination
  • University City Then & Now: 4600 block of Locust (1914 & 2014)
  • Featured Historic House: Hermann Herzog House, corner of 41st and Pine Street
  • Profiles in Architecture: Frank Miles Day (1861–1918) was part of a new generation of city architects.
  • UCHS Roaring Twenties Dinner Wrap Up
  • 4224 Baltimore Avenue Update
  • Did You Know? Baltimore Avenue and Woodland Avenue ...

March–April 2014

  • 2014 UCHS Valentine Tea & Awards Presentation | Recap
  • Italianate Architecture in University City—Part Two
  • Featured Historic House: 4726 Springfield Avenue
  • University City Then & Now: 4726 Springfield Avenue (1907 & 2014)
  • Profiles in Architecture: Wilson Eyre, Jr. (1858–1944)
  • Did You Know? In year 1792 Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike...

January–February 2014

  • 2014 UCHS Valentine Tea & Awards Presentation | Sunday, February 16, 2014 · 4 to 6 PM · The Castle (48th & Springfield)
  • UCHS Membership Meeting: 40th & Pine Proposal | Wednesday, February 19, 2014 · 7:30 PM · Calvary Center (48th & Baltimore, enter on 48th Street side)
  • Italianate Architecture in University City—Part One
  • The Woodlands is Reaching Out
  • New Book Tells Tale of West Philly Survivor in Alaskan Yukon
  • Profiles in Architecture: Joseph Miller Wilson (1838–1902)
  • Did You Know? In year 1900 the City of Philadelphia had...


November–December 2013

  • Save the Date: UCHS Valentine Tea set for Sunday, February 16, 2014, 4 to 6 PM
  • Like UCHS on Facebook:
  • UCHS Fall Fundraiser at the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College Review: "Before We Were University City"
  • September 2013 Dollar Stroll Wrap-up
  • New Book Set at the Woodlands: Elizabeth Gilbert's The Signature of All Things
  • Leon Crane, WW2 Pilot and 1937 Graduate of W Philadelphia HS, to be Featured in New Book by Brian Murphy
  • Ask the Experts: How Can I Faithfully Replace a Faulty 3-way Switch?
  • University City Then & Now: Walton Ave, West of 50th (c. 1908 & 2013)
  • Profiles in Architecture: Horace Trumbauer (1868–1938)
  • Featured Historic House: 4804 Springfield Ave
  • Late Victorian Dining Rooms: A West Philadelphia Perspective
  • Did You Know? Market Street Elevated Railway Opened to the Public, March 4, 1907

September–October 2013

  • UCHS Board is Expanding
  • UCHS Fall Fundraiser at the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College
  • Ask the Experts (from the archives)
  • University City Then & Now: Chestnut Street, West of 40th (c. 1910 & 2013)
  • Profiles in Architecture: Cope & Stewardson
  • Featured Historic House: 4206 Spruce Street
  • 4224 Baltimore Ave Update
  • Kingsessing Church in Dire Straits

July–August 2013

  • UCHS House Tour Wrap Up
  • 4224 Baltimore Sparks Debate
  • University City Then & Now: 318–336 S. 42nd Street, the "Kimball Block (c. 1887 & 2010)
  • Profiles in Architecture: Willis Gaylord Hale
  • Chester Avenue Twins Demolished
  • Featured Historic Buildings: Hawthorne Hall
  • Spruce Hill May Fair Wrap Up
  • Sedgley Apts to get a Makeover

May–June 2013

  • Profiles in Architecture: Frank Furness
  • Springtime in University City
  • University City Then & Now: Cedar Avenue, East of 47th Street (1907 & 2013)
  • Three Historic Buildings to be Wrecked
  • Featured Historic Buildings: Hamilton Terrace

March 2013

  • Valentine Tea and Awards Presentation - Recap
  • Century-old Elena's Soul Lounge Building Demolished
  • University City Then & Now: Walnut Street, East of 41st Street (1909 & 2013)

January 2013

  • Celebration of a University City Trailblazer Sylvia A. Barkan, "Her City, Her Home" Exhibition, University City Arts League, December 28, 2013 thru January 8, 2013
  • Fortieth Street M.E. Church at 140 South 40th Street Slated for Demolition.
  • Olde Time Recipes | Tried and Tested Recipes by the Ladies of the Methodist Episcopal Church of the Advocate, Philadelphia (published November 1907): Corn Muffins
  • University City Then & Now: Malcolm X Park, formerly Black Oak Park (1907 & 2010)
  • Victorian Tea Wrap-up


November 2012

  • Victorian Tea, November 11, 2012
  • University City Then & Now: Kingsessing Avenue, East from 47th Street (1910 & 2012)
  • Dollar Stroll Wrap-up

September 2012

  • 2011 Contractors List
  • Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll: a huge success
  • Pennsylvania Senate Approves Historic Tax Credit Bill
  • Sylvia Halpern Barkan Remembered
  • UCHS List of Patrons
  • Book: Historic Architecture in University City
  • University City Then & Now: Spruce Street, East of 40th Street (1909 & 2012)
  • Save the Date: Victorian Tea, November 11, 2012


May 2011

  • Perseverance Rewarded at Annual Preservation Awards Tea
  • Four Worlds Bakery: creating the Woodland Avenue store
  • Brubaker Builds: renovating an Italianate Victorian townhouse for wheel-chair accessibility
  • Congratulations, 2011 Gift to the Street Award-winners!
  • Looking Ahead to 2012: Satterlee Hospital Sesquicentennial


July 2010

  • Martin Luther King "Freedom Now" Marker Dedicated
  • In the Streets
  • RIP Tour proposed
  • UCHS Board Elections
  • Latest News From UCHS

May 2010

  • Historic Powelton
  • Internship Search
  • Keep Baltimore Ave in Bloom
  • Walking Tour
  • Special Thanks

March 2010

  • UCHS AWARDS 2009 & Valentine's Tea
  • Mapping Poweltonians
  • Help get access to better records
  • Special thanks


December 2009

  • Preserving Historic Details
  • Green Additions to the Streetscape
  • Looking for Compliments
  • Special Thanks to ...

September 2009

  • From the President "Helma Weeks"
  • Last Chance
  • Walking Tours
  • Skaler Returns
  • At Bartram's Garden.

July 2009

  • "West Philadelphia: Building a Community" Exibit
  • UCHS TAP Report
  • Better Records Access
  • Scenic Cruises
  • Keeping Baltimore Ave in Bloom
  • UCHS web site renewal

April 2009

  • UCHS TAP 2009
  • May & Spring in University City
  • UC Green Tree Planting
  • 10th Annual Party for Clark Park
  • Walking Tours
  • Spring Preservation Workshops

February 2009

  • UCHS Annual Awards and Valentine's Tea
  • Old House Fair
  • Garden Court Walking Tour
  • Unnecessary Demolition


October 2008

  • Evaluating Historic Resources
  • Board Elections
  • The Tree in Art
  • New UCHS Mugs

March 2008

  • UCHS Annual Awards
  • An Odyssey to a New Space
  • Old House Fair
  • Party for the Park


December 2007

  • Technical Assistance Program II
  • Deconstructing West Philadelphia
  • Photo Essay
  • Condo In UC
  • 400 S. Pine St.
  • Research Request
  • News and Thanks

September 2007

  • Technical Assistance Program II
  • Lois Bye Funderburg Remembered
  • UCHS Board News
  • Thanks

July 2007

  • Dickens Visitors
  • September Workshops
  • Restoration Aid
  • Board Elections
  • Tree & River Tours

April 2007

  • Porches Honored
  • May Events
  • Homeowner Workshops
  • Spring House Tour
  • more...

January 2007

  • Awards Tea
  • Historic Properties Repair Program
  • Villa Violated
  • History Revitalizes
  • New Date Plaques
  • Old House Fair Returns
  • more...


October 2006

  • "Metropolitan Philadelphia" Lecture
  • Historic Protest
  • Calvary Report
  • Circa 1821
  • Party & Planting
  • Nominations Needed

August 2006

  • Belgian Blocks Saved
  • Parties
  • Repairing Historic Buildings
  • Homeowner Workshops
  • Elections & Thanks

May 2006

  • Historic Powelton
  • Franklin
  • Spring Design Days
  • Contractor Recommendations
  • Which District?
  • May Events

March 2006

  • Accolades & Celebration
  • Homeowner Workshops
  • Party For The Park
  • Promise of Spring
  • Thanks

January 2006

  • Awards Tea
  • Lutherans Painting
  • Historic Paving In Danger
  • House Tours
  • Historic Properties Reapir Program and Homeowners Workshops Announced
  • Thanks


November 2005

  • Restoration & Renovation in Progress House Tour
  • Satterlee Reenactment
  • Call For Nominations
  • Katrina Preservation Crisis
  • Displays & Tours
  • New Welcome Packets

September 2005

  • Fall House Tour
  • Recalling West Shore
  • Preserving Low-Income Neighborhoods
  • Street Smart
  • OCTrolleyfest
  • Elections & Opportunities

March 2005

  • Spring House Tour
  • Valentine's Tea
  • Trolleys Roll Again
  • Bricks & Branches
  • Survey
  • Save These Dates

January 2005

  • UCHS Awards
  • Porches Progress
  • Philadelphia Neighborhoods
  • Tax Credits
  • HB 1954


November 2004

  • Trolleys in UC
  • Historic Preservation Task Force
  • Last Chance for APS Exhibit
  • New Officers
  • Porch Raisings
  • Shopping
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August 2004

  • Porch Sales
  • Elections and Polls
  • Gifts To The Street

June 2004

  • A Big June Weekend
  • Spring Cleaning & Planting
  • A New Old Poster

March 2004

  • Awards & Accolades
  • Robeson Stamp
  • Then & Now Slide Show
  • Schuylkill Obstacle
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November 2003

  • Marker For Satterlee
  • Preservation & The Election
  • Art of Ruth Molloy
  • State Tax Credits

September 2003

  • House Tour
  • Worrying About Windows?
  • Lessons Of The Summer

May 2003

  • Spring At Last
  • Elections
  • Eyes On The Streets

March 2003

  • Winter Winners
  • Mill Creek
  • Hall Watch Letters
  • UC Welcome Packets
  • Bitar's Benefit


November 2002

  • Holiday House Tour
  • Add Your Voice To Hall Watch
  • Ruth Molloy Remembered
  • Architectural Details
  • New To The Board

September 2002

  • Second Chance For Skaler Talk
  • Elections And Officers
  • PRIMER For Fall

July 2002

  • The Nomination Is In
  • The Opposition
  • Walnut West Renewed
  • Elections
  • Victorian Spruce Hill Tours
  • Trolleys On The Wall
  • Images of West Philadelphia Available

April 2002

  • Vintage Views
  • Historic District Q&A
  • Old House Show
  • Awards and Kudos
  • PRIMER, Strut!
  • More Friends

January 2002

  • Valentine's Tea & Gifts To The Streets
  • PRIMER for Homeowners & Landlords
  • Special Friends
  • Happy Birthday Mr. Dickens


November 2001

  • Holiday Trolley
  • Gingkoes and Sunoco
  • Garden Winners
  • Spruce Hill Historic District
  • Cite Your Neighbors
  • New Officers
  • Winter Events

August 2001

  • May Fair Memories
  • R.I.P. Returns
  • Web News
  • Hope for Homes
  • Election

April 2001

  • Honors & Commendations
  • Anti-Blight
  • Party for the Park
  • Circular-Free Porches


November 2000

  • Holiday House Tour
  • Historic Greening
  • University City's Garden Tradition
  • Hiding Trash
  • Thank Yous
  • New Mug

September 2000

  • Through the Grapevine
  • Cedar Avenue Update
  • Fall Tour
  • Marking Time
  • Board News

March 2000

  • New Beginnings
  • Treasure Sale
  • Preservation Honors
  • A New Style Hat
  • Living In The Livable Past
  • Spring Tour

January 2000

  • Pre-Valentine's Day Tea and Awards Ceremony
  • Wolfgang House Preserved
  • Powelton and Garden Court Historic District Markers
  • Holiday House Tour


December 1999

  • UCHS Holiday House Tour
  • Letter from the President
  • Streetscapes Update
  • Calvary's Year of Renewal

August 1999

  • UCHS Streetscapes Project
  • Date Markers
  • Management Markers
  • Gardener's Gifts to the Street

March 1999

  • Gifts To The Street Awards
  • Baltimore Avenue Charette
  • Remembering Gordon Callaghan
  • Candidates' Nights
  • Historic Homeownership Assistance Act
  • Spring House Tour
  • UC Paint
  • Holiday House Tour


December 1998

  • UCHS-UC Pride Holiday House Tour
  • A Country Carol
  • Old House Fair
  • Baltimore Avenue Art Project
  • Iron Fence Found
  • UCHS Preservation Awards

September 1998

  • Planting History
  • UCHS Online
  • Close at Hand
  • Walnut West Library
  • UCHS and the Penn School Initiative
  • Elections

May 1998

  • Spring House Tour
  • Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony
  • Special Alert
  • Call for Web Suggestions
  • Botanic Trail News

March 1998

  • Photo Exhibit
  • Preservation Awards
  • New Historic District
  • Spring House Tour
  • Under Full Sail


November 1997

  • Holiday House Tour & Brunch
  • Holiday Greens Sale
  • Gardens Award
  • Close at Hand
  • Liquid History
  • New Home for UCHS Furniture
  • The Woodlands
  • Lend an Eye

August 1997

  • Moving On
  • Glen Foerd Outing
  • Historic District Meeting
  • House Tour Volunteers Needed
  • West Side Evenings
  • 20th Century West Side Stories
  • Photos Wanted
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June 1997

  • Farewell to The Woodlands
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