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Woodland Terrace. Designed by Samuel Sloan 1861, added to National Register 1972. Photo by Joseph Minardi © 2010.

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Historic Nominations Workshop

Thursday, Oct 25th, 2018, 6 to 8 pm

Near 48th & Baltimore, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Learn how you can nominate a property to
the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.

Nominating a property for historic designation doesn't require an advanced degree or preservation background. Together we can protect our neighborhood from needless demolitions.

Welcome to UCHS

University City contains the nation's largest collection of intact Victorian housing stock, with three major National Register Historic Districts: Powelton Village, Garden Court, and the West Philadelphia Streetcar Suburb.

Our Mission: The University City Historical Society promotes awareness of the history and architectural character of University City.

The University City Historical Society was founded in 1967.

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  • Burglary Warning: Recent uptick in thefts from vacant houses
  • UCity Then & Now: 3812 Walnut, President's Hall (Eisenlohr Hall) (1940 & 2010)
  • View from Yesteryear: Star Hotel on Darby Road (now Woodland Avenue), 1882
  • Profiles in Architecture: Robert J. Aikins (active 1891 – 1925
  • Learn to Speak Italianate, a Glossary: "Ashlar" to "Lintel"
  • Did you Know? Playing fields at UPenn displaced in 1890s by Dormitory Quadrangle.
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Preservation Resources

Preservation Toolkits Overview

Penn Praxis publishes the Neighborhood Preservation Toolkit, which is a free workbook that guides citizens through the nomination process.

The Preservation Toolkit by the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia is a free, comprehensive set of online resources.

Preservation Toolkit from Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia

cover | Preservation Alliance Toolkit

On the Local Register

UCHS works with our members and sister organizations to nominate properties for historic designation on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.

Nominations are carefully prepared, filled with informative details, and available for viewing online.

Recent Nominations

On the National Register

Many districts and sites in University City and West Philadelphia have been placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

UCHS provides text of many older nominations, which are not yet available in digital format at the National Register.

Older Nominations
What is a historic district?
West Philadelphia Streetcar Suburb
Garden Court
Powelton Village
Powelton Village Interactive Property Map
Spruce Hill Historic District
University of Pennsylvania
Other Historic Districts and Sites

Date Markers for Your Home

UCHS provides historic plaques found on homes in University City that identify dates of construction.

Contact UCHS about plaque purchase and installation.

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How Old is Your Historic Property?

Construction dates for many historic properties can be found in lists of "street-by-street inventories" from nominations to the National Register. Streetcar Suburb list Garden Court list

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