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Historic Property Database


During the Summer of 2008 UCHS intern Alexander Ballon compiled a database of properties designated as Historic by the City of Philadelphia. He collected information, on style, condition and took pictures. This database will be available soon on this page. A summary report of his findings was submitted to UCHS after he completed his work. Getting the Database on the web has required the considerable time and technical expertise of Michael (Sully) Sullivan, and UCHS is very grateful for his efforts.

This project focused on more than 240 properties, and assessed physical
condition, zoning and use, and socioeconomic data. In analyzing each of
these properties, this report describes the condition of these landmarked
properties as a whole. After completing a large-scale survey this report
illustrates and describes some current trends, and suggests action items for
the University City Historical Society consistent with its mission.

Full Report

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Notice to visitors: The database is unavailable right now but we hope to restore it in a future renovation of www.uchs.net.