5047 Spruce Street- Home of the architect George Savage

This is one time home of Philadelphia architect George Savage, nominated because of his prominent position in the community’s historical development. According to Philadelphia ¬†Buildings and Architects, Savage designed over 300 churches during his lifetime and was “succeeded in his church based practice by his son, George D. Savage.” He was born in 1874 in Scotland and died in Philadelphia in 1948. He moved to Philadelphia with his family and received his architecture certificate from Drexel in 1900. He is best known for his Protestant church designs, and gained experience in the field by working for another church designer, Charles Bolton.

The nominator of the property also points out that 3 of his churches are in a “few blocks radius of his house.” I also wanted to point out that on this block, about two houses down, at 5037 Spruce Street, there is a visibly crumbling rowhouse of the same style as Savage’s that might be marked as endangered because of it’s proximity to this historic structure and the need to keep the continuity of the block intact. Here are some photos of the house in question. The entire thing is crumbling and if you’ll note the top story windows, you can see that there is only a facade– the structure of the house behind it is gone.


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