More Postcards from West Philadelphia
Three Views of John Bartram's House

John Bartram, born in Darby in 1699, was America's first native botanist. His house in West Philadelphia, on the west bank of the Schuylkill, was built in 1730-31; it incorporated an earlier house built in 1684 by Swedish settler Peter Yocum. The gardens surrounding the house were filled with specimens that Bartram collected in his travels in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the Carolinas. The house is open to the public--for more information, visit the John Bartram Association web site.

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Caption on bottom reads:

332 Bartram's House and Garden--Philadelphia

The handwritten note on the card reads:

Old vines on and [sic] old house are like old friends: the older the more they cling.

J Murray Jordan. Publisher
1438 So. Penn Sq., Philadelphia


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Caption at bottom reads:

486 Philadelphia--Bartram's Gardens

World Post Card Co.

postmarked August 10, 1907, Philadelphia
mailed to Cape May, N.J.


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Caption at upper left reads:

185 Bartram Mansion, Philadelphia, Pa.

Caption on the reverse reads:

In 1728 John Bartram bought a tract of land which afterward became the famous BOTANICAL GARDENS. It is located on the Schuylkill River in south Philadelphia.

Lynn H. Boyer
Philadelphia, Pa. and Wildwood, N.J.