And the Winners Are...
December, 1998

The University City Historical Society is looking for nominations for its 1998 Gift to the Street Awards. In addition to awards for "Outstanding Preservation" and "Preservation Initiative" awards for the year (for significant exterior restoration/preservation of an area property and special preservation efforts, respectively) the Society also is interested in recognizing and honoring property owners, residential, commercial and institutional, for newly completed exterior paint jobs, exterior preservation and restoration repairs, special landscape treatments and other efforts at making the street attractive.

Please look around your neighborhood and submit your nominations to Doris Cochran-Fikes, co-chair of the Awards Committee by year's end, December 31, 1998. Her email address is You need only submit the address to her and she will, with some help from our real estate friends, locate the owner and invite them to a Pre-Valentine's Day Tea to receive their commendations and our thanks for their Gift to the Street.

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