West Philadelphia Sites Listed on
The National Register of Historic Places

Name Location, date listed

32nd St. and Lancaster Ave. Philadelphia Armory, Jct. of 32nd St. and Lancaster Ave. Philadelphia, 11/14/1991
John Bartram High School,
Sixty-seventh and Elmwood Sts. Philadelphia, 12/04/1986
John Bartram House, 54th St. and Eastwick Ave. Philadelphia, 10/15/1966
Belmont School,
4030-4060 Brown St. Philadelphia, 11/18/1988
Reudolph BlankenburgSchool,
4600 Girard Ave. Philadelphia, 11/18/1988
Breslyn Apartments, 4624-4642 Walnut St., 201-213 S. 47th St. Philadelphia, 11/14/1982
George L. Brooks School ,
5629-5643 Haverford Ave. Philadelphia, 12/04/1986
Lewis C. Cassidy School,
6523-6543 Lansdowne Ave. Philadelphia, 11/18/1988
Joseph W. Catharine School,
6600 Chester Ave. Philadelphia, 11/18/1988
Centennial National Bank, 3200 Market St. Philadelphia, 03/11/1971
Cobbs Creek Automobile Suburb Historic District,
roughly bounded by Cobbs Creek Parkway, Spruce St.,
62nd St., and Angora St., 11/12/1998
College Hall, University Of Pennsylvania, Bounded by Walnut, Spruce, 34th, and 36th Sts. Philadelphia, 02/14/1978
Drexel Development Historic District, Roughly bounded by Pine, Delancy, 39th and 40th Sts. Philadelphia, 11/14/1982
Thomas Dunlap School,
5031 Race St. Philadelphia, 12/04/1986
Fairmount Park, Both banks of Schuylkill River and Wissahickon Creek, from Spring Garden St. to Northwestern Ave. Philadelphia, 02/07/1972
Fort Mifflin, Marina and Penrose Ferry Rds. Philadelphia, 08/29/1970
Fort Mifflin Hospital, Marina and Penrose Ferry Rds. Philadelphia, 09/29/1969
Furness Library, 34th St. below Walnut on University of Pennsylvania campus Philadelphia, 05/19/1972
Garden Court Historic District, Roughly bounded by Larchwood Ave., 46th, 50th, and Pine Sts. Philadelphia, 07/05/1984
Garden Court Historic District (Boundary Increase), 4526-4534 and 4537-4539 Osage Ave. Philadelphia, 02/25/1986
Haddington Historic District, 6000 blks. of Market, Ludlow and Chestnut Philadelphia, 09/29/1988
Hamilton Family Estate, 4039-4041 Baltimore Ave. and 4000-4018 Pine St. Philadelphia, 06/22/1979
Holmes Junior High School,
5429-5455 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, 11/18/1988
Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital, 111 N. 49th St. Philadelphia, 10/15/1966
La Blanche Apartments, 5100 Walnut St. Philadelphia, 03/07/1985
Henry C. Lea School of Practice,
242 S. 47th St. Philadelphia, 11/18/1988
S. Weir Mitchell School,
Fifty-sixth and Kingsessing St. Philadelphia, 12/04/1986
Monte Vista,
917-931 N. 63rd St., 6154-6160 Oxford St., 6151-6157 Nassau St. Philadelphia, 03/03/1983
Overbrook Farms, Roughly bounded by City Line Ave., 58th St., Woodbine Ave. and 64th St. Philadelphia, 03/21/1985
Overbrook High School,
Fifty-ninth and Lancaster Ave. Philadelphia, 12/04/1986
Overbrook School,
6201--6231 Lebanon Ave. Philadelphia, 11/18/1988
Parkside Historic District, Bounded by Penn-Central RR track, 38th St., Girard, Parkside and Belmont Aves. Philadelphia, 11/17/1983
John M. Paterson School,
7001 Buist Ave. Philadelphia, 11/18/1988
Pinehurst Apartments, 4511-4523 Pine and 324--334 S. Forty-fifth Sts. Philadelphia, 01/06/1987
Poth and Schmidt Development Houses, 3306-3316 Arch St. Philadelphia, 04/21/1983
Frederick A. Poth Houses, 15, 3301--3311 Powelton Ave. Philadelphia, 04/19/1979
Powelton Historic District, Roughly bounded by Brandywine St., 32nd to 39th Sts. and Lancaster Ave. Philadelphia, 05/09/1985
The Powelton, 3500--3520 Powelton Ave., 214-218 35th St., and 215-221 36th St. Philadelphia, 12/13/1978
Thomas Buchanan Read School,
Seventy-eighth and Buist Ave. Philadelphia, 12/04/1986
Regent-Rennoc Court, 5100 blk. Regent St. & 1311-1327 S. 52nd St. Philadelphia, 09/12/1985
Sansom Row, 3402-3436 Sansom St. Philadelphia, 12/27/1977
Anna Howard Shaw Junior High School, 5401 Warrington St. Philadelphia, 11/18/1988
John Shedwick Development Houses, 3433-3439 Lancaster Ave. Philadelphia, 03/10/1982
William Shoemaker Junior High School,
1464-1488 N. Fifty-third St. Philadelphia, 12/04/1986
Mayer Sulzberger Junior High School,
701-741 N. 48th St. Philadelphia, 11/18/1988
Thirtieth Street Station, W. River Dr., Market, 30th, and Arch Sts. Philadelphia, 06/07/1978
William J. Tilden Junior High School,
Sixty-sixth St. and Elmwood Ave. Philadelphia, 12/01/1986
University Avenue Bridge, 1000 block S. University Ave. Philadelphia, 05/26/1994
University of Pennsylvania Campus Historic District, Roughly bounded by Hamilton Walk, South, 32nd, Walnut, 36th, Spruce, and 39th Sts. Philadelphia, 12/28/1978
West Philadelphia High School,
4700 Walnut St. Philadelphia, 12/04/1986
West Philadelphia Streetcar Suburb Historic District, Roughly bounded by U. of Pennsylvania campus, Woodlands Cemetery, Poweltown Ave., 52nd St., and Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, 2/05/98
WFIL Studio, 4548 Market St. Philadelphia, 07/28/1986
Woodland Terrace, 501-519, 500-520 Woodland Ter. Philadelphia, 03/16/1972
The Woodlands, 40th St. and Woodland Ave. Philadelphia, 12/24/1967