4000 block Woodland Ave

4003 Woodland Ave

See 519 Woodland Terrace.

4005 Woodland Ave

See 522 Woodland Terrace.

4100 block Woodland Ave

Street: Asphalt

Sidewalks: Concrete

Curbs: Granite

4123-29 Woodland Ave

A. Penrose Benner, developer


Four, three-story, two-bay, Pompeiian brick, Queen Anne rowhouses. Distinguishing features include millwork porch, stone lintels and sills, corbelled brick cornice. Contributing.

Porch balustrade removed/replaced: 4125, 4127, 4129

Porch removed and new brick addition: 4123

4131-4137 Woodland Ave

Four empty lots. Non-contributing.

4139-41 Woodland Ave

I. Stroud Hinkson, developer


Two, three-story, two-bay, brick, Italianate rowhouses. Distinguishing features include transom over entrance door, segmentally arched brick lintels, stone sills, bracketed wooden cornice. Contributing.

4143-45 Woodland Ave

Isaac Stroud Hinkson, developer


Two, two-story, two-bay, brick, Italianate rowhouses. Distinguishing features include segmentally arched stone lintels, stone sills, transom over entrance door, bracketed wooden cornice, original two-over-two windows. Contributing.

Ground floor altered: 4145

First floor window and door openings altered: 4145

4147 Woodland Ave

(a.k.a. 635 S. 42nd St.)

Isaac Stroud Hinkson, developer


Two-story, five-bay on Woodland Ave facade; three-bay on 42 St. facade, stucco, Italianate carriage house. Distinguishing features include unusual floor plan with entrance on side, segmentally arched windows, stone sills, paired wooden bracket cornice. Post-modern alterations c. 1985. Contributing.