An 1854 watercolor depicting Hamilton Terrace, a suburban development in West Philadelphia showing five suburban villas designed by Samuel Sloan.

Historic Districts and Historic Sites
in West Philadelphia

University City and West Philadelphia have several districts and many individual sites that are of historic interest; many have been placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic University City & West Philadelphia

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Historic Districts

West Philadelphia Streetcar Suburb
Roughly bounded by U. of Pennsylvania campus, Woodlands Cemetery, Poweltown Ave., 52nd St., & Woodland Ave.
Garden Court
46th to 50th Streets, Pine Street to Larchwood Avenue in West Philadelphia
Powelton Village
32nd to 39th Streets, Lancaster Avenue to Spring Garden Street in West Philadelphia
street-by-street inventory at Powelton Village site
University of Pennsylvania Campus and Vicinity
Roughly bounded by Hamilton Walk, South St., 32nd St., Walnut St., 36th St., Spruce St., 39th St.
College Hall
Furness Library
Sansom Row (3400 Block of Sansom Street)
University Avenue Bridge

Dental hall, University of Pennsylvania. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection. c. 1904

Parkside Historic District
Bounded by Penn-Central Railroad Tracks, 38th Street, Girard, Parkside, and Belmont Avenues
Haddington Historic District
6000 Blocks of Market, Ludlow, and Chestnut Streets
Overbrook Farms Historic District
Roughly bounded by City Line Avenue, 58th Street, Woodbine Avenue, and 64th Street
Cobbs Creek Automobile Suburb Historic District
Roughly bounded by Cobbs Creek Parkway, Spruce St., 62nd St., and Angora St.

Historic Sites

Vintage Photos

Penn Dorms | c. 1908, image 1 of 3 Penn Dorms | c. 1908, image 2 of 3 Penn Dorms | c. 1908, image 3 of 3
Dormitories at the University of Pennsylvania, c. 1908. From Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection.
more vintage photos

In the Cedar Park Area

Regent-Rennoc Court
5100 block of Regent St.
1311-1327 S. 52nd St.

The Woodlands

Woodlands National Register Nomination
4000 Woodland Avenue
Hamilton Mansion at the Woodlands

Hamilton Mansion at the Woodlands Cemetery. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection. c. 1900

More Sites

Fairmount Park
Fort Mifflin
Marina Road and Penrose Ferry Road
John Bartram House and Gardens
54th Street and Eastwick Avenue

Sites in Powelton Village

Frederick A. Poth Houses
3301-3311 Powelton Ave.
Poth and Schmidt Development Houses
3306-3316 Arch St.
The Powelton Apartments
3500-3520 Powelton Ave.
214-218 N. 35th St.
215-221 N. 36th St.
John Shedwick Development Houses
3433-3439 Lancaster Ave.
30th Street Station
Centennial Bank
3200 Market St.
designed by Frank Furness

Sites in the Spruce Hill Area

The Drexel Development Historic District
The area around Pine, Delancey, 39th, and 40th Streets
The Hamilton Family Estate
4039-4041 Baltimore Ave.
4000-4018 Pine St.
The Pinehurst Apartments
4511-4523 Pine St.
324-334 S. 45th St.
Woodland Terrace
501-519, 500-520 Woodland Terrace

Sites in the Walnut Hill Area

Breslyn Apartments
4624-4642 Walnut St.
201-213 S. 47th St.
LaBlanche Apartments
5100 Walnut St.
WFIL Studios
4548 Market St.
Site of American Bandstand broadcasts
Kirkbride's Hospital
111 N. 49th St.
Paul Robeson House
4951 Walnut St.