University City Historical Society

Philadelphia Armory

32nd Street and Lancaster Avenue

Placed on the National Register of Historic Places November 14, 1991

The 32nd Street and Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia Armory is a member of the State Armory Building Property type under the multiple property nomination: Pennsylvania National Guard Armories. The armory was built in 1916 for the Squadron Calvary at a cost of approximately $150,000. It was designed by Philip H. Johnson of Philadelphia, who designed at least five armories located in the southeast corner of the state, between 1909 and 1916. Having an irregular rectangular plan, resembling a trapezoid, the armory contains a gymnasium and a museum in addition to such typical rooms as a drill hall, kitchen, locker rooms, storage rooms, and offices. It represents the common function of armories to serve the Pennsylvania National Guard for storage, meeting and training as well as serving community uses.

The Philadelphia Armory National Register Nomination was researched and prepared by Kristine Wilson, Joseph Burke, III, and William Sisson.

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