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University City contains the nation's largest collection of intact Victorian housing stock, with three major National Register Historic Districts: Powelton, Garden Court, and the West Philadelphia Streetcar Suburb.

UCHS provides a useful and enjoyable forum for all who are interested in the past, present, and future development of the University City community.

In the Newsletter

  • Valentine Tea & Awards Presentation: The 2016 UCHS Valentine Tea will be held Sunday, February 21st at the Castle, 930 S. 48th (48th and Springfield). This event is free to all UCHS members and their guests.
  • Ask the Experts: Should I paint my wooden porch columns?
  • Profiles in Architecture: E. Allen Wilson was primarily a residential architect beginning in 1895. His work spans from generic row homes to expressive apartment buildings.
  • University City Then & Now: 48th Street, West of Warrington (c. 1909 & 2010). Twin homes in the Queen Anne style were built in June 1894 and retain many original features.
  • Did You Know? West Philadelphia was incorporated as a borough in Blockley Township in 1844, and as a district in 1851.

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